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No matter the weather, indoor exercise is never out of the question

Did you overindulge on those holiday feasts? Feel a little weighed down and out of shape? Don’t let thoughts of braving the cold, uninviting winter weather keep you from working in a workout. There are indoor exercises you can do to help maintain strength and balance during the winter and recover from holiday overeating. Best of all, staying fit in the winter builds good habits and better health for the year to come.

Three caveats before you begin. First, make certain that your health care practitioner approves of the indoor activities you have in mind. Second, don’t overdo. You can exercise while sitting on your couch, holding on to the back of a chair for support, or standing freely (depending on your comfort level and mobility). Third, remember to warm up, then stretch, before starting your exercise routine in earnest. This will help prevent both injuries and post-exercise soreness.

Here are some simple exercises you can do in the warmth and comfort of your home to wake up your body and get your heart pumping:

  • Start slowly using smooth and simple motions such as doing bicep curls, raising your arms to your sides, holding your arms out in front of your body, lifting your legs in front of you, and bending your legs behind you.
  • Make the motion of jumping jacks with just your arms.
  • March in place.
  • Just dance! Dancing is a great way to get a cardiovascular workout while having a great time. Play an album that you used to listen to; this will bring back fond memories and the familiar feeling of dancing.

Even the simplest exercises can make winter less dreary, improve your strength and balance, and, most importantly, keep you healthy!

For more information on staying fit this winter, please visit:
NIH Senior Health

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