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SMP Training Resources

The SMP Resource Center has created role specific training manuals designed for SMP volunteers and staff to assist the projects in meeting the SMP program requirements. The Administration on Aging has developed additional materials to accompany the SMP Resource Center created manuals. For each manual these additional materials include:

SMP Foundations

This training module provides SMP volunteers and staff with a foundation of knowledge in three main content areas: the SMP program, Medicare basics and Medicare fraud and abuse.

SMP Group Education

The SMP Group Education training module provides presenters of SMP group education sessions with the necessary skills and resources to present the SMP message consistently to groups of Medicare beneficiaries, caregivers and other applicable groups across the country.

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SMP Counselor Training

This training module provides SMPs with the necessary skills and resources to handle one-on-one counseling sessions and simple inquiries consistently across the country.

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SMP Complex Issues and Referrals Training

The SMP Complex Issues and Referral Training is a guide for SMP staff and volunteers in the process of managing complex issues and, when necessary, conducting referrals to the appropriate government organization.

Additional Training Materials

Additional training materials and resources may be found at the SMP Resource Center website . For questions about training and other resources offered by the SMP Resource Center, SMP volunteers and staff should contact their SMP project director or coordinator of volunteers.

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