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Commit to a Healthier Lifestyle in 2011!

Elderly women participating in water aerobicsHave you made your new year’s resolution yet? Consider making a resolution to live a healthier lifestyle in 2011 by making time to exercise. You can commit to taking a walk a few times per week, or trying a yoga class. You could also set up an appointment with a trainer to learn how to incorporate weight training in your schedule.

Recent statistics from the CDC’s National Health Interview Survey show that older adults over 65 years old tend to exercise less. According to the results of the National Health Interview Survey conducted in January-March 2010, twenty-eight percent of men ages 64 to 72 years old engage in regular physical activity. Twenty-two percent of women in the same age group exercise regularly. The figures are lower for men and women ages 75 plus. Twenty-seven percent of men 75 plus exercise regularly and thirteen percent of women 75 plus engage in regular physical activity.

Exercise offers many benefits from boosting your mood to preventing chronic disease. Regular exercise can help you prevent or manage high blood pressure. It boosts high-density lipoprotein (HDL), or “good” cholesterol while decreasing triglycerides. Other benefits include promoting better sleep, and boosting your energy level. Start enjoying the benefits of regular exercise today!

These websites offer tips on the benefits of different kinds of exercise:

Get Active! E-Cards
Want to encourage a friend to be active? AoA offers e-greetings that highlight the rewards of exercise. Check AoA’s exercise e-cards.