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DSMT Toolkit

Chapter 27: Sample AADE Application

Standard 2

The DSME entity shall appoint an advisory group to promote program quality. This group shall include representatives from the health professions, people with diabetes, the community, and other stakeholders.

Essential Elements Checklist:

  • Advisory Group Policy
  • Advisory Group Function
  • Advisory Group actively reviews and makes recommendations on the
  • DSME/DSMT annual program plan and evaluation
  • Advisory Group includes (suggested):
    • A primary care provider
    • Educator
    • Community member with diabetes

Advisory Board (Standard 2 & 3):

The diabetes self-management education advisory group will meet, as needed, but no less than annually to review and analyze the diabetes self-management education program.

Membership shall include, but is not limited to, the following (sample):

  • Medical Director/PCP
  • PQI
  • Community member/former participant with diabetes
  • Community Health Center Educator, Certified Diabetes Educator

Advisory Committee functions:

  • Actively reviews the DSMT program
  • Actively reviews the CQI data reports developed by the program coordinator
  • Makes recommendations to help improve and maintain the program
  • Reviews the annual program plan and evaluation
  • Reviews the continuous Quality Improvement Plan

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