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DSMT Toolkit

Please note that the reimbursement amounts listed do not take into account regional variations. The current edition of the CMS Provider Fee Schedule will contain current reimbursement rates that are specific to the region.

DSME Program Revenue Projections (2014 Fee Schedule)

DSME (Individual) G0108 $53.38 Ea/30 min 2 Units) $106.76
DSME (Group) G0109 $14.69 Group/30 min (18 Units) $264.42
MNT (Individual) 97802 $35.82 Ea/15 min (4 Units) $143.28
MNT (Group) 97804 $16.12 Ea/30 min (4 Units) $64.48
Grand Total $578.94
Revenue/15 participants $8,684.10

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